About Aideen Mattimore

Many people who walk through my door quite simply want “help to get this sorted” and whether it a family home, finances or making arrangements for children mediation can be a great place to start.

I recognise how painful the divorce and separation process can be, and have watched the impact of conflict on people’s lives. At this vulnerable stage, it can be so easy to allow conflict to escalate and some have said they found themselves in a contested acrimonious court battle wondering how they ever got there.

I aim to provide a calm and supportive environment so you can consider your future, explore options and feel empowered to make informed decisions.

For me “getting it sorted” means helping you reach decisions that will allow you to start the journey of recovery, move on with your life and provide better outcomes for your children.


  • I am a Family Mediation Council Accredited mediator (FMCA) and a member of Family Mediation Association .
  • I work as part of the consortium group of mediators known as Berkshire Family Mediation.
  • I qualified as an All Issues Mediator in 2007, and have worked since then as a mediator, building up a wealth of experience and knowledge.
  • Prior to becoming a mediator, I had a background in finance as a well as training as a relationship counsellor, and these skills add value to my mediation process.
  • I also delivered the Separated Parenting Information Programme and have provided in-court mediation.
  • I am qualified to provide child consultation
  • I am a Professional Practice Consultant so provide supervision and support to mediators.
  • Testimony
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Aideen Mattimore -accredited mediator


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