Complaints Policy


CSM complies with the requirements of Family Mediation Association

  1. CSM will deal promptly and courteously with any complaint, formal or informal, made to the service.  The cause of any problem of which a client has complained will be investigated. If appropriate, redress will be offered and any unsatisfactory procedure will be corrected.
  2.  CSM values the views of clients and will endeavour always to use views in a constructive and responsive manner.  We recognise that mediation can be a painful experience for clients and will strive to take individual situations into account when responding to comments or complaints about the service. It is therefore appropriate to acknowledge the client’s complaint, whether or not the complaint is justified.
  3. All clients are made aware of the opportunity to complain: basic information is contained in the introductory letter, and detailed procedure is available on request.
  4. A complaint is defined as an ‘expression of dissatisfaction’.  This might include a written complaint or a verbal complaint.


On receipt of a complaint an acknowledgement will be sent within five working days or as soon as is reasonably practicable, together with an explanation as to  the client when  they will next be contacted. This response may be made by telephone to see if the matter can be resolved informally .However if this cannot be done within 14 days, the client will be asked to confirm their complaint in writing.

Where a Complaint is not resolved,  CSM will  within 21 working days of the initial response/acknowledgement, or as soon as reasonably practicable, respond to the client  in writing, and will at the same time send full details of the Complaint and any response to it to the  Professional Practice Consultant( PPC)

The PPC will attempt to resolve the Complaint informally in whatever way seems appropriate to him or her. Where the PPC is able to resolve the Complaint at this stage, the Complaint will be closed.

If the Complaint is not resolved at this stage the complaint becomes formal. CSM cannot continue with any Mediation (if it is still ongoing) and the Other Party will be informed that there has been a Complaint although the Other Party will not be entitled to know any details of the Complaint.

If the complaint becomes formal all files and records will be released (as agreed under the term of the agreement to mediate) for the PPC to conduct a full investigation. He (she) will endeavour to resolve the complaint and make written recommendations to the client.

If the client does not accept the finding of the PPC, the complainant may ask the Family Mediation Standards Board  (FMSB)  to consider the complaint if certain criteria are met . Details can be found at Family Mediation Council